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Edition 40 years ICOM-Venezuela

Of cultural policies and management of Venezuelan museums

June 2021


In June 2021 the ICOM-Venezuela to complete the celebration of the 40th anniversary of its foundation, always committed to the training of its members and the updating of museum workers, this national body plans to carry out the 1st Museum Training Day . Of cultural policies and museum management. 40 years edition of ICOM-Venezuela. In June 2021 there will be the participation of prominent personalities linked to the various areas of the Venezuelan museum with the participation of specialists from Latin America and the Caribbean. Professors, ICOM members, students, museum managers, professionals, workers and the public interested in this topic will be able to participate in this relevant event.


It is an experience of encounters, reflections, knowledge socialization, good practices, workshops, workshops, exhibitions, presentations and exchanges. There will be three days of conferences to promote and make contributions to the work in Venezuela carried out by museums, their workers, and their managers in the Latin American and Greater Caribbean regional context.

The theme will focus on the impacts on ICOM International museum action. It is about reflecting on the current challenges of ICOM based on local, national and international reflections, its links with institutions, its members, students and teachers and those training spaces that promote cultural policies and the management of our museums.

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