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Board of Directors

According to the Statutes of the Civil Association ICOM National Committee of Venezuela, in its article 31, the functions of the Board of Directors are specified.


Their functions are:

  1. Choose among its members the secretary, the treasurer and member and the replacement of one of its members when a vacancy arises.

  2. Prepare, for presentation to the General Assembly, an Annual Plan of Activities in accordance with ICOM's Strategic Plan and the needs of the country's museums.

  3. Direct, administer, develop and monitor the administrative and financial running of the Association.

  4. Form the budget of expenses of each year and examine the vouchers and other papers of the Administration, to approve them or make the objections that they give rise to. These procedures are aimed at keeping the Association's accounting with the greatest transparency, clarity and accuracy. All the measures deemed appropriate by this instance of the Association will be taken for it.

  5. Study, review and approve the balance sheet and other financial statements to be submitted for approval by the General Assembly, after a report from the Commissioner.

  6. Review the movements of bank accounts managed by the Association.

  7. Request periodic reports for analysis from the entity's treasurer.

  8. Study the reports presented by the President on the development of the functions and activities that are carried out.

  9. Set the criteria of the administration and establish programs of activities to be developed by the Association.

  10. Comply with and enforce the decisions of the General Assembly.

  11. Set a limit on the amount from which the President, or the Vice President acting as President, requires prior authorization from the Board of Directors for spending, investment or contracting.

  12. Appoint the members who should represent ICOM-Venezuela in the assemblies and meetings called by ICOM and other related entities.

  13. Constitute Commissions that study specific topics of interest to the Association. Set their number, determine the operating time and the subjects of the investigations.

  14. Analyze and pronounce in relation to the cases of members who have committed a serious breach of professional ethics. Members in this situation may appeal to the ICOM Advisory Committee.

  15. Promote that the student members carry out professional and investigative practices in the museum institutions affiliated to ICOM-Venezuela.

  16. Authorize the sale of the entity's assets, up to the amount determined by the General Assembly.

  17. Define and approve the personnel required by the Association for the normal development of its activities. Set your remuneration.

  18. Create, establish and organize the Affiliates or Delegations of the Association, in accordance with the provisions of this Document and the Regulations issued for such purpose.

  19. Celebrate all kinds of contracts that are necessary or convenient to carry out the purposes of the Association, in accordance with the approved projects.

  20. Open, mobilize and close bank accounts of any type, uncovered or with anticipated funds and carry out any operation with promissory notes, bills of exchange, checks and other exchange instruments; issuing, accepting or endorsing them.

  21. Constitute judicial or extrajudicial agents or proxies, granting them the corresponding general or special powers, conferring on them powers such as to compromise, agree, counter, desist, be deemed to be cited or notified, assign litigious rights, appoint arbitrators or arbitrators of law, make positions on auctions judicial and receive amounts of money by granting them the corresponding receipts or settlements.

  22. In general, carry out any other act of representation, administration and provision that they deem appropriate for the purposes of the Association, with the sole exception of those attributed exclusively to the General Assembly; since the previous enumeration is merely illustrative and never exhaustive.

  23. The others indicated by law and those derived from these statutes.

SOLE PARAGRAPH. Those members of the Board of Directors who do not attend three consecutive meetings will lose their membership.

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