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Good Practices Award

Venezuelan Museums 2020-2021

About the award

This ICOM-Venezuela program is part of the activities planned to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the organization's founding. It aims to give visibility to outstanding cases and successful projects developed in Venezuelan museums and cultural institutions, create an online directory as a reference for the national and international museum community, and highlight the work of the country's museum and heritage professionals.

Who can submit an application?

  • The Venezuelan Good Museological Practices Award will be open to anyone related to the field of the museum and the Venezuelan cultural heritage who wishes to present a nomination of good practices or an outstanding project.

  • Applications may be made by individuals or institutions responsible for the activity, or by a third party.

  • ICOM-Venezuela membership will not be required for a museum or heritage institution to be nominated. The members of the Organizing Committee of the Venezuelan Good Museological Practices Award will be excluded to make applications from their respective institutions.

  • How will applicants be selected?

  • The Venezuelan Good Museological Practices Award Committee will be composed of five (5) members of the Board of Directors of ICOM-Venezuela and two (2) invited specialists.

  • The committee will review all nominations and list up to 12 good practices, considered exceptional. The shortlisted will be presented to the members of ICOM-Venezuela, with whom they will conduct the final vote.

  • The preselected applications will be published on the ICOM-Venezuela website and on social networks. ICOM-Venezuela members and invited specialists will vote online. 3 institutions with the highest number of votes and those special mentions that the committee considers as meritorious and relevant initiatives will be recognized.

  • If the Organizing Committee of the Venezuelan Good Museological Practices Award considers that none of the nominated museums and heritage spaces is suitable for obtaining recognition, it will not select candidates.

  • Incomplete applications will not be reviewed by the committee.

  • Enrollment in this award signifies full acceptance of its rules.



What are the criteria for application?

Practices and initiatives that are exemplary to achieve the mission of the museum and institutions that guard and safeguard cultural heritage.


Projects with innovative approaches to core activities including conservation, education, collection, exhibitions, publications, research, public access, communication, governance, sustainability, sponsorship strategies, and self-management.

Review and recommendation criteria include:

  • Introduces new ways for presenting collections. They are experiences of relevance to the public they serve in their scale and context.

  • Innovation and sustainability in social outreach, accessibility and diversity programs.

  • It meets and innovates in current standards of museum practices, with a vision for a sustainable future.

  • It presents new forms of museum practice that address changing social and cultural realities, to ensure heritage relevance to future museum audiences.


* Applications and experiences that show a long-term commitment to good practices will be particularly welcome.

How will the application be presented?

A nomination form will be available online to complete the following information:

  1. Comprehensive description of the project (title, background, human talent, material resources, methodologies, results, target audiences, execution times, contexts and allies, among others) and a justification of the initiative in a text of no more than 1000 words (in format A4).

  2. Details of the postulated project highlighting an outstanding achievement. In addition, you must indicate how you meet the selection criteria set by the award organizing committee.

  3. If necessary, include pictures of the practice with their respective legends and explanations.

  4. Provide links to the institution's website as part of relevant supporting material.


* The return and supporting documents must be digital and will be sent to the email address

What will happen to the selected projects?

  • The organizing committee will notify the results to the participants through the various digital media.

  • The selected museums and institutions will receive public recognition from ICOM-Venezuela and its members. A cash prize will be assigned, which will allow developing some priority activity in the museum and cultural institution where the good practice is carried out.

  • Definitive information can be accessed at . On this ICOM-Venezuela website, the final projects will be located in a section as outstanding examples of good practices carried out in the national context.


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