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About us?

  1. Promote the creation, development and professional management of museums of all types.

  2. Improve knowledge and understanding of the nature, tasks and functions of the museum.

  3. Organize cooperation and exchange between museums and members of the museum professions or associated with museum management.

  4. Disseminate the body of knowledge related to museology and other disciplines related to museum studies, management, and museum activities and contribute to the improvement and development of this knowledge.

  5. Adopt and enforce the ethical standards established by ICOM.

  6. Facilitate knowledge and understanding of the role of museums as institutions at the service of society and its development.

  7. To be the communication instrument between ICOM's international bodies and the members of ICOM-Venezuela.

  8. Ensure the management of ICOM's interests in Venezuela.

  9. Represent the interests of the members before the ICOM General Secretariat, based in Paris.

  10. Cooperate with ICOM National and International Committees, Regional Alliances and Affiliated Organizations and national and international organizations related to museums and the museum profession.

  11. Establish contact with organizations, public or private institutions and people interested in the conservation, dissemination of museums and seek their representation in the institutions that manage them, both nationally and internationally.

  12. Collect, deepen and disseminate information concerning the principles, techniques and policies of safeguarding, conservation, protection and enhancement of museums.

  13. Collaborate in the national and international context in the creation and development of documentation centers for the conservation, protection and enhancement of museums.

  14. Encourage and support the creation of work commissions for professional affinities, territorial areas and encourage all those initiatives and activities that derive from their own objectives.

  15. Collaborate and accompany the preparation of training plans, programs and projects aimed at specialists from the different areas of the museum profession.

  16. Establish and maintain close cooperation with Unesco (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and with other international or national institutions that pursue similar objectives.

  17. Promote the adoption and implementation of national and international recommendations and the proposals presented by the different working committees formed in the Association.

  18. Promote and promote periodicals, physical or electronic, as one more means to achieve your goals.

  19. Manage the resources received for membership fees.

  20. Promote the association of museum professionals and specialists in the management of the Venezuelan sector.

  21. Create a National Registry of Museum Institutions, museum professionals and specialists.

  22. Collaborate closely with the Venezuelan Technical Committee to Combat Illicit Traffic in Cultural Property.

  23. Prepare and present bills or regulations that contribute to the recognition of the Venezuelan museum sector and the exercise of the profession in this field of arts and culture.

  24. The other complementary functions and activities and in accordance with the nature of the Association, indicated by the General Assembly.

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