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Edgar Ernesto González

Doctor in Comparative Museology from the Berlin University of the Arts (Universtät der Künste Berlin) and the Institute for Museological Studies (Institut forces Museumskunde) of the State Museums of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation in Berlin. Specialization in Cultural Management and Policy at the Institute of Cultural Management and Media Management of the Hanns Eisler Higher School of Music in Berlin-Germany. Bachelor of Letters, Mention Research and Criticism, graduated from the School of Letters of the University of Zulia, Maracaibo. Venezuela. Graphic Designer, graduated from the Venezuela University Institute of Technology.


Currently, he works as Head of the Department of Culture and Public Relations of the Central Bank of Venezuela. He was President of the National Museums Foundation (FMN, general director (e) of the Museum of the Stamp and Design Carlos Cruz-Diez, (MEDI) and coordinator of the National Center for Heritage Conservation and Restoration (Cencrep) of the Ministry of Popular Power for Culture. He has been Cultural Attaché of Venezuela in the Embassies of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Berlin in Germany and Rome in Italy. As curator, museologist and cultural manager, he has developed important exhibition projects in Germany, Italy and Venezuela. deepened in cross-reading of collections from an educational vision of contextualized mediation.During 2013, he was appointed Commissioner of the Venezuelan Pavilion for the 55th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale de Venezia-, Italy.


His experience as a university professor has been dedicated to academic training in art history, museology, museum management and design: Monseñor de Talavera University Institute, Maracaibo Extension, University of Zulia and the National Experimental University of Arts, Unearte. He has been an active member of the ICOM International Council of Museums since 2001.



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Vice president

Armando Gagliardi

Bachelor of Art History, Bachelor of Education with Master Studies in Philosophy from the Universidad de los Andes. Subsequently, he completed a Professional Corporate Management Specialization at Preston University and a Masters in Museology from the National Experimental University Francisco de Miranda. Deputy director of the Mérida Colonial Art Museum (1989 and 1991), head of the Department of Education and Extension of the Coro Art Museum, 1991, Museologist III (1992-1993), head of division in the General Sectoral Directorate of Council Museums National of Culture (1993-2001). Executive director of the Museum of Fine Arts of Caracas (2001), coordinator of the Museum Network project of the Francisco de Miranda National Experimental University. Choir, Falcon state. (2004-2006), CEO of the National Museums Foundation (2006-2007).


Currently, he serves as general director of the Museo de Arte Coro, since 2007. Professor of Foundations of Museology of the Postgraduate Program in Museology. (nineteen ninety six). Professor of History of Movable Cultural Property I and II (2006-) of the Career of Conservation and Restoration of Movable Cultural Property, at the Francisco de Miranda de Coro National University and Professor of Venezuelan Museums of the Postgraduate in Museology of the Faculty of Architecture de la (2002-) and Postgraduate Professor of Management and Cultural Policies. School of Communication. (2010) at the Central University of Venezuela.



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Nathiam Gabriela Vega Rodríguez

Museologist and Bachelor of Arts. Currently, he is doing a Doctorate in Cultural Heritage at the Latin American and Caribbean University and a Master in Museology at the Francisco de Miranda National Experimental University. She directed the Alejandro Otero Museum, MAO, the Valencia Art Museum, MUVA, and was director of museum processes at the National Art Gallery, GAN. It has been linked to the Venezuelan museum world since 2001, when it started its career at the old Ateneo de Valencia.


He has extensive experience in museum institution management, collection management, curatorship, editorial projects, production, museography and assembly of national and international exhibition projects.


So far, she is the general coordinator of the National System of Museums of Venezuela, SiNM, General coordinator of Special Projects of the National Museums Foundation, FMN, director of the engram project and secretary of the International Council of Museums, National Committee of Venezuela (ICOM -Go). He is also a spokesperson for the ICOM Regional Alliance for Latin America and the Caribbean (ICOM-LAC). Its task is to disseminate the historical journey of national art and its artists and promote the professionalization of human talent in cultural institutions, through the creation of the Museology Training Program, PNFM, of the SiNM. Likewise, it supervises the national registry, census and diagnosis of museum institutions, classification and categories, management indicators and study of audiences, based on good Venezuelan museum practices. He is part of the Editorial Committee of the magazine Museums .VE of the SiNM.



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Patricia Morales

Anthropologist, UCV (1984). She worked at the Conac General Sectoral Directorate for Museums as head of the technical area and later as director (1991-2002). General Coordinator of the Mud Biennial of America (1992, 1995-96, 1998, 2004); Venezuela Pavilion, Venice Biennale (2001, 2007); and the Sao Paulo International Art Biennial, Brazil (1996), among others.


Since 2002, he works as an independent professional in the development of museological projects, which include the Urumaco Museum, in the state of Falcón; Community Museums, Conac; and the Enzo Ceccarelli Ethnological Museum, in the Amazon state. Teaching Coordinator of the Specialization in Museology, FAU, UCV (2009-2013).


Currently, she is the executive director of the Factotum Civil Association, dedicated to the development of artistic and cultural projects. She is co-author of the Manual of Technical Regulations for Museums, Conac, and the catalog of the collections of the Enzo Ceccarelli Ethnological Museum. Since July 2018, she is the executive director of the Associated Graphics Artist Workshop Luisa Palacios, TAGA.



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Vowel 1

Mélida Mage

She is a conservator of personal property and a restorer of works of art. In the academic field, he has dedicated himself to the training of museum inventors. Until the last semesters, he studied architecture at the Central University of Venezuela. In addition, she holds a degree as curator of artwork from Gateshead Technical College. For more than 40 years, he held various responsibilities related to the fields of conservation and restoration in public and private institutions in the country.


Currently, he freely exercises his profession. Between 1972 and 1977, he worked at the Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne in England.



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Vowel 2

Live Zuleiva

Bachelor of Arts from the Central University of Venezuela, mention Plastic Arts. At the National Art Gallery of Caracas she was director of the Department of Education, among other positions (1979-1985). For a decade (1985-1995) he directed the Sotavento Gallery, Postmodern Art, which opened space for the new languages ​​of national art. At the Rómulo Gallegos Center for Latin American Studies (CELARG), she was director of Visual Arts Caracas (1995-2001). Research manager and specialist curator of the Museum of Fine Arts of Caracas (2001-2005), and president of the National Museums Foundation of the Ministry of Culture (2007-2008). She has been Curator for the Venezuelan representation in the 6th, 7th and 11th Biennial of Havana, Cuba (1999-2001-2012); and for the Venezuela Pavilion at the Venice International Art Biennale (2007 and 2013).


He has participated as a speaker at conferences and events related to contemporary visual arts and museums inside and outside his country. Member of the jury for the selection of the National Prize for Photography (1998-2001-2009) and the National Prize for Visual Arts (2011) in Venezuela. He collaborates with essays, exhibition reviews and articles on contemporary visual arts, in catalogs, newspapers and specialized magazines. He collaborated in the entry Collecting and Dealings in the Dictionary of Art. MacMillan Reference Ltd., London, 1997, and in the Encyclopedia of Latin American and Caribean Ar , London, 1999. He published the title The disappearance of limits , Ediciones Fundación Claudio Perna , Caracas, 2000. Author of the title "The footprint and the index", Editorial Metrópolis, Caracas, 2008. Member of the Editorial Committee of the ICCA International Center for the Arts for the Americas (2002-2012) at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston , USES. He is currently a main member of the Executive Committee of the Claudio Perna Foundation. Curator of exhibitions in public and private institutions. She was Cultural Attaché at the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland (2005-2007). In 2008 he assumed the General Directorate of Culture of the National Electoral Council, until his retirement in February 2015. From 2012 until 2017 he was a professor at the UNEARTE Experimental University of the Arts, specializing in Museology. Graduate of Theory and History of Art at the UCV. President of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) Venezuela Chapter (2015-2017) and vocal member of the Board of Directors (ICOM) Venezuela Chapter (2020-2022).


Currently, and since 2017, she works as a foreign service in the Ministry of People's Power for Foreign Relations as Minister Counselor at the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Barbados, in charge of the cultural section and for the direction of the Institute. Venezuelan Cooperation and Culture in that country.

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