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About to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the foundation of ICOM-Venezuela , we invite you to participate in MUSEOLÓGICO , our organization's digital information medium.


Its edition will be bi-monthly, framed in the global media profiles of the national and international committees that make up the International Council of Museums, ICOM.


This platform will present specialized and diverse content from the proactive perspective, critical, innovative and professional reflections of the members of our organization and specialists in Venezuelan museology.


  • Informational: news, interview, report and review.

  • Opinion: article and chronicle.


• Contributions must be 8000 characters long for interviews, reports, reviews, opinion texts and other documentary content. For informational notes, we recommend up to 2,500 characters.

• The font: Garamond 12 points, with 1.5 line spacing.

• A photograph of the collaborator and his curriculum summary, no more than 350 characters.

• Images in 300 dpi, .JPG format, with the credits and captions corresponding to each photo.

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  • Editorial production in museums.

  • History of ICOM-Venezuela.

  • New trends in museology and paradigm shifts.

  • Cultural policies and museums

  • Museums, users and publics

  • Significant learning, museum mediation and heritage education.

  • Curatorial practices and other formats.

  • Collection management and care.

  • Communication in museums.

  • Museum documentation.

  • Digital scenes of the museums.

  • Copyright and art collections.

  • Cultural economy and museums.

  • Training of museum professionals.

  • Good museum practices

  • Expository references in the development of national museology.

  • Transfers of experiences, characters from the world of museums, work and programs carried out by the international committees that make life in the Venezuelan context.

  • Other relevant topics.


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